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Mr optimism 2 years ago
Shes kinda cute and this just happens sometimes with couples. It can be dirty sexy unless your eating the shit or playing with it. There's nothing hot about shit but getting carried away and fucking the shit out of her is.
Aussie 2 years ago
If ya gonna stick it in the poop chute, ya gotta expect ya gonna get poop on it!
jacking like hell 2 years ago
Poop for me baby. Shit on that dick I'M GOING TO CUM!!!!!!!
Bruh 2 years ago
You can't party in shits house and expect shit not to show up
You gambled and lost 2 years ago
You fucked her in the ass bro, you took a chance!
2 years ago
Where's the shit?
what? Random fucker lol 3 years ago
You mean shat?
Cox Zucker 2 years ago
She’s beautiful. Her ass should be kissed
Busta Nut 2 years ago
Bruh, you plunged her poop chute. A dookie dip always runs this risk.
Hell head 2 years ago
Shitttttttttttttt she looks good